New Faith Bracelet Added – Protect Me Lord

I’ve had these beautiful sterling silver ‘shield’ charms for a few weeks now, and I’ve finally created a new bracelet design that I think works extremely well with the Protect Me Lord charm. The beads are a lovely subtle shade of grey, green and browns and reflect the peace and serenity I was hoping for. The gemstone properties for each bead represents peace, tranquility, protection and comfort. Such wonderful healing properties!

The bracelet measures 7 ½ inches in length and is constructed from 8mm peace jade beads, 8mm brown zebra jasper, 6mm hematite and swarovski crystal spacer beads. Sterling silver accent beads and 2 matching sterling silver charms compliment the bracelet. The shield reads “Protect me Lord”. Makes a very special gift!

faith bracelet

I’m also in the process of creating two bespoke handmade rosaries for two very special customers, which I always enjoy doing. Please feel free to request any design you would like and I’ll be happy to help!

Until next time, wishing you a beautiful and blessed day, God bless, Emma x x

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