New Telephone Number for Atalya Designs

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a beautiful week filled with much joy and love, isn’t the weather lovely today? Sunshine certainly brings a smile to my face :)

I wanted to inform everyone of my new telephone number – which I’ve updated today on the web site. On this number you will get direct access to me, rather than other colleagues or friends who would sometimes help out by answering my phone calls if I was working/creating.

The new number is 01204 691976

So please jot this new number down in your diary so we can keep in touch! Thanks everyone! I’ll also be adding some new handmade jewellery to the web site soon, as I thought the Religious Necklaces page was looking a little tired – not enough choice for my beautiful customers, and I can’t have that :)  So, I’m busy creating and designing new beaded necklaces to add in the next few weeks. If you have any requests – please don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas!

Anglican Rosary

Bloodstone and Bronzite Anglican Rosary

I’ve also recently added two new Anglican rosary beads to the web site, lovingly created from Peace Jade beads and Amethyst, along with a Bronzite and Bloodstone rosary design. I hope you like them both! I know Colleeen (a customer in Scotland) will be pleased to see these new designs, her encouragement with the new Anglican designs has been inspiring.

Many thanks to all my customers for your kind words, love and encouragement regarding my handmade designs – your heartfelt comments really are a blessing to me and they help my creativity flow!

Wishing everyone a truly blessed weekend, sending much love your way, kind wishes, Emma


Adding a new Rosary Bracelet today!

I’m just working on adding a new rosary bracelet to my web site, a Swarovski pearl design. The colours are a lovely mix of greys and lilacs with crystal spacer beads. All the main 6mm beads and smaller spacer beads are Swarovski, which I think look very pretty together.

I’ve just added the bracelet to the following page. I’m also working on creating some Men’s religious jewellery, some strong designs incorporating Faith and Hope. These designs will be added in a few weeks, and I’ll keep you up to date on my progress and ideas.

New rosary bracelet designs will also be added to my site, using gemstones in earthy tones and rusty reds. If you have any requests, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Until next time, wishing you a beautiful and blessed day! God bless, Emma x x


As I’m creating new ideas for rosary beads and bracelets, I’ve taken a picture of my workspace – not sure if it’s very interesting, but I wanted to show my design process for new projects!

I’m currently making rosary bracelets this morning, and researching new religious charms to add to each bracelet. I often use crosses, stars and hearts on my faith bracelets – and prayer boxes too (which are my favourite!). I’d like new charms, so I’m having a good search on the internet for more. (If you have any special requirements, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help).

Until next time, wishing you all a truly blessed day,

God bless, Emma x x

New Faith Bracelets Added

Prayer Box BraceletI’ve just finished creating two new faith bracelets – I’ve recently added them to my web site and you can view them by clicking here.

One of my designs has been created from plum jade gemstone beads and beautiful mint green lampwork beads, the other design is a prayer box bracelet created from Swarovski crystal pearls in bronze, burgundy, mauve and white  –  shown here.

I love the prayer box design, as the little sterling silver charm box actually opens and closes with a small clasp. Great for placing prayers or dreams inside! Just pop your prayer on a piece of paper, roll up, and pop inside. I absolutely adore this design and I’ll definitely be making some more of these prayer box bracelets in new colours and gemstones. Any requests, please let me know! Here is a picture of the open prayer box – isn’t it adorable!

I’m also working on a new faith bracelet with lovely red carnelian and amethyst gemstones (I adore carnelian!) – I’ll keep you up to date with my progress and will let you know when I’ve added the new design.

Until next time, wishing you all a truly blessed week filled with the Lord’s love.

God bless, Emma x x

New Jewellery Added

I’ve recently created two new religious necklaces and added them to the site over the weekend. The prayer box necklace has been a wonderful success with my customers, so I’ve added a similar design to my web site. The new design has two cute sterling silver charms added to the necklace, a Dove Bible and a Cross. I think the design works very well in the neutral colours –  lovely lilacs and blues. It also incorporates some wonderful blue floral lampwork beads in the design. I adore lampwork beads, and these 6mm beads look so cute in this new necklace. The necklace measures 16 inches in length and is a unique  and pretty way to show your faith. Please view the new necklace here.

The second necklace I’ve made is a beautiful sterling silver creation dedicated to Our Blessed Mother. The design incorporates a stunning Madonna and Child sterling silver medal. So beautiful! I’ve used amethyst and blue lace agate beads, along with Swarovski pearls for the overall design. I think it’s turned out very well and looks very beautiful when worn. Please click here to view the necklace, I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

Until next time,

Wishing you much love and light in your life,

God bless you always, Emma x x