Getting ready for Christmas!

Hi everyone,  I hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas,  I can’t believe how quickly the festive season will soon be upon us!

It has been quite a while since I last wrote in my blog, but I thank you for all your well wishes whilst I was ill. My Colitis has been a little unpredictable this year and the tablets I was taking made me feel exceedingly tired, but thankfully I have started a new regime and feel much better :) This has given me a lot more energy and a renewed spirit for making new creations and prayer beads. The site will include some new rosary designs in time for Christmas,  and I’m busy making some devotional chaplets too! I have been receiving many bespoke orders over the past few months and it always makes me feel truly blessed to help my customers create their perfect gift – thank you again for all your kind words and lovely comments upon receiving your handmade pieces. 0marybluesm

I will be adding the last postal dates on the site in a few weeks, please make sure you order in time if you need your handmade gift as a Christmas gift. I will add the dates on twitter too in case any of you are following me on there :)

Wishing you all a truly beautiful weekend, with much love and blessings, Emma Jane


Creating New Rosaries and Christmas Stock

I know it’s only September, and thinking about Christmas seems totally crazy but I’m hoping to create enough stock for my beautiful customers this festive season. I don’t want anyone to be disappointed because I haven’t created enough rosaries – that wouldn’t do at all 

So, I’ve been beavering away at my work station (my kitchen table strewn with beads!) and lovingly creating plenty of rosary beads, chaplets, one decade rosaries and faith bracelets in time for the Christmas rush. I’m enjoying myself immensely! I love creating, making and designing new rosaries and I hope you enjoy the new creations too :)

I’ve just added a new Saint Therese Chaplet to the site, along with two new rosary designs. The first rosary has been lovingly created from brecciated jasper – a stone which is said to have an uplifting, rejuvenating energy that is said to encourage mental clarity, mental focus and feelings of deep happiness. rosary beads

The other rosary design is dedicated to the Holy Mother, Queen of Peace. This rosary is created from blue aventurine and rose quartz – two beautiful gemstones which calm a troubled mind, thereby bringing inner peace and unconditional love. I love working with these stones, they’re a complete joy to use and bring such happiness to my soul as I work.

I hope you enjoy the new designs, it’s been a pleasure creating them and if you want a bespoke design please do not hesitate to contact me for further details. Thank you for all your kind comments and encouraging words regarding my rosary designs – it’s a blessing to create such beautiful designs for so many wonderful customers.

Wishing you a truly blessed day filled with love, joy and peace. Until next time, sending you my love, Emma x x x