Spring is Coming!

Spring-Blossom-SunshineHello everyone! It’s been a while since I last wrote in my blog/diary and sent an email to all my dear friends and customers – I do hope you’re all well and looking forward to Spring and Easter. New buds are starting to sprout in the garden and new life is springing forth from the ground – it’s so beautiful to see! I do love Spring and the welcome sight of the sun shining upon the Earth :)

Holy Communion Rosary

Holy Communion Rosary


What have I been up to I hear you ask? Well, I’ve been quite busy restocking my rosary beads after the Christmas season and creating new designs for the coming months. The Holy Communion season is soon approaching and with that in mind I’ve created a new rosary using lilac jade gemstones and silver flower beads for little girls. It’s turned out quite well, very cute! I hope you like it too…..
I’ve also created a Sacred Heart of Jesus rosary using faceted dream agate and coffee agate gemstones, these stones combine really well together and provide a lot of healing energies to promote harmony within the mind, body and spirit. Just beautiful! I’ve also added two new sterling silver rosary beads (told you I’d been busy!) – and they can both be found on this page: http://www.atalyadesigns.co.uk/handmade_rosary_beads/index.html


Here are the three new rosaries for your to peruse, they’re made using some lovely gemstones – dream agate, coffee agate, fossil crinoid, blue impression jasper and antique agate. I do hope you like them! I thoroughly enjoyed creating them…..

I’m also on Pinterest, if you would like to Follow me then I’d be honoured and blessed if you did – here is my page for you to view and enjoy – http://pinterest.com/atalyadesigns/– I look forward to seeing you there! I’ve also had a thought about writing more frequently in my blog/diary to keep my customers more up to date – I promise not to bombard you with constant notifications everyday, but maybe once a month or twice a month might be nice :) Let me know if this doesn’t appeal to you and I can revert back to just once every two months.

Until next time, sending you much love and Divine blessings, God bless, Emma Jane x x



Charity Rosary Beads and New Designs!

ChristmasHello my beautiful friends and customers! I hope you’re all well and looking forward to the festive season – did you know, it’s only 29 days til Christmas day! How exciting! Thanks to a lot of rest and healing prayers, I am feeling much better with my Colitis and back to creating rosaries and new prayer beads :) Thank you again to everyone for your support and love.

I also thought it might be a beautiful idea to create some handmade rosary beads and prayer beads for charity – enabling my customers to donate money to a good cause and also receive one of my handmade items in the process. After choosing a rosary or prayer gift from the items listed on my charity page and the order has been processed, I then donate 50% of the proceeds to the designated charity listed on the page.  A customer from Newcastle has recently donated £10 after ordering a faith bracelet for £20 – so we’re on our way! If you fancy donating a little something to charity (any amount will be a blessing, £2, £5 it doesn’t matter) – it will mean so much to so many people. Thank you in advance for your kindness!

charityHere is the web page for donating (without purchasing an item) – http://www.justgiving.com/atalya-designs

I’m also creating some new baby bracelets, as they have been selling well these past few months and a new collection of spiritual meditation beads have also been added to my site! I’m actually quite excited about these as they’re a lovely tool for meditation and contemplation. Perfect for someone who just wants to hold onto the beads and recite their own prayers. Many people are finding comfort from praying to their Guardian Angel and celestial beings. I’m hoping the new prayer beads will bring much comfort, love and faith to whoever wants to use them. I’ve even made the tassels myself – which as a terrible seamstress I’m quite pleased with the overall result! I’m now quite tassel crazy and looking at items I can add tassels to! meditation

I will be adding the Christmas posting days on my web site soon, so you can be quite sure of your orders arriving in time for Christmas day :) Thank you again to everyone for your support and love over these past few months, you are an absolute blessing to me and my job is so much more rewarding thanks to your heavenly light shining upon me.

Wishing you all a truly beautiful week filled with love and Divine blessings, until next time, God bless, love Emma Jane x x x http://www.atalyadesigns.co.uk

Happy New Year!

To all my beautiful customers, family and friends – I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! May 2012 bring you much happiness, joy, miracles, abundance and light in to your life.

I’m currently suffering from a bad cold at the moment, so I’m a little behind on some things – but my new stock will be added soon, I promise! I’ve many new bespoke orders to create and some amendments to perform, so can’t wait to get started! Oh yes, I have added a few extra items to the ‘Sale Page’ too, if you fancy a quick peek. Just click HERE.

Thank you to all my new and long established customers for all their support, love and kind words throughout last year. Your generous words, heartfelt comments and bespoke orders have been a pleasure to create and make. My business would not be such a joy without you!

So, with a thankful heart I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. May 2012 bring us all many Divine blessings!

God bless, Emma x x x


Handmade Baby Bracelets and Baby Rosaries

Baby 'Footprints' Bracelet

Baby 'Footprints' Bracelet

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a beautiful week :)

I just wanted to write and let you know that after many requests for Baby Bracelets – I have finally added a small collection of Baptism and Christening bracelets to my web site (Hurray! I hear you say!) – thank you for your patience, I am really pleased with how they have turned out – I hope you are too…. they’re just SO cute!

I will be adding some more baby bracelets to the web site over the coming weeks, as I have found some adorable ‘dummy’ and ‘pram’ charms that I can’t wait to use!

Baby Rosary

Baby Rosary

I have also added some new Baby Rosaries to the web site, full size length, not the keepsake size – and I’ve already received some orders for these, so I’m pleased you like them! That’s wonderful!

I will also be adding some new bracelets to the web site shortly – Saint bracelets and Spiritual bracelets – all lovingly created from healing gemstone beads. I will let you know when these are available to buy on my site. I’ve still got a long way to go, more designing and creating – but I wanted to let you all know what I’m up to right now :)

I have also received a request from a beautiful lady in Staffordshire to create a bespoke Bridal necklace – I am so excited! This is my first wedding commission and I’m thoroughly looking forward to creating something very beautiful and delicate. I’ll let you all know how I get on.

Thank you again to everyone for their constant kindness, faith and love – you’re all so very beautiful and I feel blessed to have you as my friends and customers. Sending you much love and light, take care and God bless, Emma


New Rosaries, Lourdes Necklace and a Voucher!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a beautiful Friday and looking forward to the weekend! Just a quick update for you, I’ve added a couple of new items to the web site today – two new rosary beads and a religious necklace (Lourdes design).

Kambaba Jasper Rosary #41

Kambaba Jasper Rosary #41

The rosaries have been lovingly created with some beautiful healing gemstone beads, including Kambaba Jasper. Kambaba Jasper is a wonderful stone, believed to calm the mind and promote a feeling of peace. The Kambala Jasper rosary is similar to the popular silver leaf jasper (number 53), but with a Sacred Heart junction. I hope you like it :)

The dalmation jasper and dumortierite rosary has turned out quite nice. The blue stones (Dumortierite) among the rosary are also very healing, Dumortierite is a very spiritual stone as it’s believed to facilitate communication with your angels and spirit guides. A perfect prayer bead for a rosary! I’ve also created a Lourdes religious necklace for the web site, and I’ve used an enamel heart pendant with a mixture of gemstones beads (including red coral, which I adore!). The Miraculous design is already a favourite of yours, so I thought a Lourdes necklace may also become one of your favourites too :)

I’m also including a FREE Postage voucher with this Newsletter, to be used as many times as you wish for the remaining month of June. All orders over £35.00 will be eligible for free postage when you use the following code at the checkout – FREEPOSTAGE

Many thanks again for all your beautiful comments and kind words regarding my handmade designs, it’s an absolute blessing creating them all for you. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with joy and light! God bless, Emma x x x

Dalmation Jasper Rosary #40

Dalmation Jasper Rosary #40


Easter Blessings!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well and enjoying the beautiful weather! The sunshine is so replenishing and life giving – it’s a wonderful healer and I’ve been spending some time in the garden enjoying its energy. I hope you have too :)

I’ve been unable to create any stock at the moment as I’ve been unwell – as some of you already know I suffer from Colitis and I occasionally have bouts of sickness – but I’m remaining positive and learning to trust in the flow of life.

During my meditations and restful periods I’ve had some wonderful creative ideas for the web site, with new ideas and thoughts bursting from my mind! I cannot wait to start the new projects and help Atalya Designs to grow, offering more products and handmade gifts to my beautiful customers.

I will let you know when I am adding new items as usual, by this blog and my email newsletter, and as always I want to thank you all for your lovely comments about my designs and prayer beads – you are so kind!

Until next time – may I wish you all a truly blessed Easter filled with love and Heavenly light. I send this little poem to you all…..

“In tree and flower, meadow and air, It’s spring! God’s love is everywhere!” A special prayer that your heart and your home will be filled with the blessings of this beautiful season. May your spirit be renewed by the miracle of Easter and may your faith be refreshed by the love and grace that surround and protect you everyday.

Have a Wonderful Easter and Spring. All my love, Emma x x

Easter Blessings

Happy New Year from Atalya Designs!

Hello everyone! I apologize for the delay in wishing all my beautiful customers a Happy New Year, but I’ve been very busy creating new stock and updating my web site for 2011! Did everyone have a wonderful Christmas and New Year? I hope so – you’re all in my thoughts and prayers for a special New Year! Sending you much love for the coming year and may it bring much joy, comfort and happiness.

As always, I will keep sending my little email updates throughout the year and remind you all that I’m here for you – whatever you need, I will gladly create for you :)

I’ve recently designed a new large rosary using some deep rich colours which I’m hoping to add to the web site shortly. It’s been lovingly created from brecciated jasper and black onyx, with a matching centerpiece featuring Our Holy Mother. The beads are two wonderful healing stones –

New Rosary

New Rosary in Box

for uplifting, rejuvenating energy, mental focus and feelings of deep happiness. They’re also believed to absorb and transform negative energy allowing you to develop a positive outlook on life. Black Onyx is also a wonderful protection stone. Makes an excellent prayer aid or focus for meditation.

I’m also creating quite a few bespoke orders at the moment, for Baptism and Christenings (lovely baby pinks and blues, so cute!) – so the new rosaries won’t be available for a while until I’ve uploaded them to the site, but I’ll definitely send an update once they’re available to buy.

Until next time, may you all have a truly blessed week filled with much love and light.

God bless you all, love Emma x x x